Twin Seal Fittings - An Innovation in Hose & Pipe Fittings

Innovation for Leaking Trigger Sprays

Dripping trigger guns. Wasting water is a way of the past.

Frustrated with leaky trigger sprays, Inventor Norm Ladson has found a simple and effective way to stop dripping trigger guns.

Finally, a simple hand grip can be added to any trigger gun to tighten the click-in hose adaptor, making it not only easier to tighten but also eliminates those annoying leaks.

“A bonus outer rubber provides an extra seal and the added twin click-on O-rings improves the hold & seal for garden hose connectors” Norm said.

No tools required, or going to the shed for a repair spanner.

Fix your trigger gun and save water.

Drip Stop Trigger Adaptor is available at Bunnings warehouse.

For more information contact: Norm Ladson on 0419 378 467, or email -

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