Post Date: October 2014

Clever design by Melbourne plumber Norm Ladson To flush irrigation pipes, with water at the end of irrigation  systems.  Simply by fitting a 4mm dripper or a sprayer at the end in place of the end cap.

Norm was reading his Plumbing  Industry Magazine on Mains water  problems with redundant pipework, that is dead or stagnate water.  Waterborne diseases can cause serious illnesses such as pneumonia, diarrhoea and blood or brain infections. In extreme cases, these illnesses may lead to death.

Post Date: July 2012

NORM Ladson hopes to clean up with his invention.

The retired Balwyn North plumber, 57, has spent three years perfecting the Power Blaster - a magic wand giving an ordinary hose pressure machine power but using about half the water.

"With this wand, there's a market for it," he said.

"People want to clean things like wheelie bins, or cars, or patios, but don't want to have to drag out the pressure machine.