Innovative New Hose Connection

Dripping, dripping, pipe hose connectors.

Inventor Norm Ladson has recently developed innovative solutions to this wasteful and annoying problem. Norm, a plumber, re-designed the connector with a long barb with inner O Ring that LOCK’N’SEALS. By clamping behind the barb.

“With the current drought conditions across Australia. The new connectors are simple ways to save water, he said.

Fourteen years ago, Norm invented a high pressure nozzle to clean with Australian water pressures. Since then, bitten by the inventing bug, he invents water gadgets that make every day life easier saving water yet gentle to the pocket.

Being an avid inventor, he is also a 15 year member of the Inventors Association of Australia. They help inventors with art work, presentation, packing and selling there products.

The Drip Stop POLY-TUBE connector is available at Bunnings.

For more information contact: Norm Ladson on 0419 378 467,
or email Web

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