Get Connected!

Having the right connections saves time and hassles. A chap by the name of Norm Ladson has made it his business to help you get connected; Well, at least when it comes to pipes and (garden) hoses. Norm is an avid inventor: he has dedicated his life to the little things that make you wonder why anybody hasn't thought of it before?

Whether it is convenience, environmentally sound or makes economic sense, repairing or extending your existing hose is now as simple as a click. At last,12mm Click-in to 25mm BSP pipe thread. No messy hex nipples, sockets or bushes it fits the standard hose connector.

Connecting Pumps to Tanks, no problem. No more messy fittings. The amazing Click to Pipe fitting takes care of the problem and your wallet.

16 years ago, Norm invented a special nozzle to clean pipes with. Since then, bitten by the inventing bug, he invents many gadgets that make every day like easier yet gentle to the pocket. Being now a full time inventor, he is also the past president of the Inventors Association.

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