Press Release

Post Date: June 2019

Aqua Inventor Norm Ladson Quotes "get that water flowing", he has a new innovative design, to replace the End cap or Plug-in irrigation. ‘End Stake Dripper’ is an adjustable dripper that will get the water flowing.

The simple design of 13mm dripper tube that releases water to a drip or rain spray thereby solving the problem of Toxic or still water with constant flowing water.

Great for gravity irrigation as the full volume of water is at the end poly pipe for good water pressure.

Post Date: October 2014

Victorian inventor Norm Ladson is about to launch an ingenious new click irrigation solution at this year's Water Week. The annual Water Week event is being held across Australia from 19th October to 25th October.

Norm is no stranger to accolades and is currently a nominee for the prestigious Bendigo Inventor Awards which will be announced on 13th November. Norm is nominated for two awards at the Bendigo Inventor Awards including one for innovation and the second for invention

Post Date: July 2012

Clever design by an Australian inventor, Norm Ladson who has been awarded many awards, has kept his V-Power Blaster Wand simple, yet very effective.

Lateral thinking and much time has been invested to improve the V spray to now convert water pressure from a normal garden hose into a high pressure spray, without the use of electric power.

Savings from using the Power Blaster once makes you wonder how you ever
could have done without it. If you can hold a garden hose you can use the Power Blaster. Keep your environment clean with a minimum of effort and cost.

Post Date: July 2012

Balwyn Nth inventor Norm Ladson hopes to clean up with his new Power Blaster water wand. At 1 mitre out you can wipe clean, Or the closer you have more power and pressure for home cleaning.

After drilling filling and testing 40 samples. To get the perfect V power spray, the egg hole delivers the perfect spray and flow to clean and save water using only 12 litres water flow only.

Post Date: February 2011

Having the right connections saves time and hassles. A chap by the name of Norm Ladson has made it his business to help you get connected; Well, at least when it comes to pipes and (garden) hoses. Norm is an avid inventor: he has dedicated his life to the little things that make you wonder why anybody hasn't thought of it before?

Post Date: March 2009

Innovation for Leaking Trigger Sprays

Dripping trigger guns. Wasting water is a way of the past.

Frustrated with leaky trigger sprays, Inventor Norm Ladson has found a simple and effective way to stop dripping trigger guns.

Finally, a simple hand grip can be added to any trigger gun to tighten the click-in hose adaptor, making it not only easier to tighten but also eliminates those annoying leaks.

“A bonus outer rubber provides an extra seal and the added twin click-on O-rings improves the hold & seal for garden hose connectors” Norm said.

Post Date: October 2008

Dripping, dripping, pipe hose connectors.

Inventor Norm Ladson has recently developed innovative solutions to this wasteful and annoying problem. Norm, a plumber, re-designed the connector with a long barb with inner O Ring that LOCK’N’SEALS. By clamping behind the barb.

“With the current drought conditions across Australia. The new connectors are simple ways to save water, he said.

Post Date: August 2004

Aussie Inventor Norm Ladson has designed a new M & F brass Y pipe fitting. The ADD-A-TAP screws in where your tap is, then you screw two taps at 45deg and 135deg. to give you two main connected water hose bib taps.

This enables a hose tap to be connected to one outlet and the sprinkler system to be installed permanently on the other outlet. With one tap it’s a major job just to get water from the tap if you have a sprinkler system or a timer connected to the hose tap.

Post Date: April 2004