Ensure Healthy Watering

Aqua Inventor Norm Ladson Quotes "get that water flowing", he has a new innovative design, to replace the End cap or Plug-in irrigation. ‘End Stake Dripper’ is an adjustable dripper that will get the water flowing.

The simple design of 13mm dripper tube that releases water to a drip or rain spray thereby solving the problem of Toxic or still water with constant flowing water.

Great for gravity irrigation as the full volume of water is at the end poly pipe for good water pressure.

Save money by using the End stake dripper at the end of the irrigation system for air release valve, or as a flush valve at the lowest point within an irrigation or drip system.

Toxic water ending up in the soil and on plants could cause illness to humans and pets.

The ‘End Stake Dripper’ is a simple, inexpensive way to keep the water, soil, family, and pets healthy.

Available at Bunnings.
For more information contact Norm Ladson Ph. 0419 378 467 or norm@ladco.com.au Web: www.ladco.com.au

Norm has been inventing plumbing based fittings for twenty eight years. Ranging from high pressure nozzles, to click and screw tap fittings

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