Clever Water Spray

Clever design by an Australian inventor, Norm Ladson who has been awarded many awards, has kept his V-Power Blaster Wand simple, yet very effective.

Lateral thinking and much time has been invested to improve the V spray to now convert water pressure from a normal garden hose into a high pressure spray, without the use of electric power.

Savings from using the Power Blaster once makes you wonder how you ever
could have done without it. If you can hold a garden hose you can use the Power Blaster. Keep your environment clean with a minimum of effort and cost.

For the cost of a few cups of coffee any home or business can now save time and money to clean with high water pressure anything that can be washed away. Cars, bikes, 4x4, wheelie bins or outdoor cleaning.

Bunnings have added the wand to their product range, retail (RRP) $24-99

Norm’s wand is in line for the Savewater! Awards ® innovation Category The awards close in August 2012.

For further information contact Norm on 0419 378 467
or email
Photo : norm with his wand

There have been many flat or V shaped trigger sprays over the years.

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