Balwyn Nth inventor Norm Ladson hopes to clean up with his new Power Blaster water wand. At 1 mitre out you can wipe clean, Or the closer you have more power and pressure for home cleaning.

After drilling filling and testing 40 samples. To get the perfect V power spray, the egg hole delivers the perfect spray and flow to clean and save water using only 12 litres water flow only.

The Bendigo inventors awards are open till August 10 / 2012. There is 7 different categories awards for all inventors All-so Inventor of the year and people’s choice award . Perfect for all inventors to submit and it free.

Bunnings was impressed with Norms design, its available in larger warehouse stores $24-98

Norm’s had a winner with the Innovation of Add-a-tap. Simply screw out your garden tap and screw in a Y fitting and connect in two taps. It is a simple design that is easy to install, then you have two water taps.

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