Flowing water is safe watering

Clever design by Melbourne plumber Norm Ladson To flush irrigation pipes, with water at the end of irrigation  systems.  Simply by fitting a 4mm dripper or a sprayer at the end in place of the end cap.

Norm was reading his Plumbing  Industry Magazine on Mains water  problems with redundant pipework, that is dead or stagnate water.  Waterborne diseases can cause serious illnesses such as pneumonia, diarrhoea and blood or brain infections. In extreme cases, these illnesses may lead to death.

Irrigation systems have Redundant poly pipe when a cap or plug are at the end of watering system.  This is dead, still or contaminated water.  There are no rules or regulation on dead leg water in Irrigation system.  To protect people or your dog from consuming  waterborne water in the Home Irrigation Installation.

Fix easy buy water flowing with Sprayer or Dripper at system end.  For healthy and safe Irrigation watering. End Flow push-in and Click Irrigation.  Available Bunnings Larger stores.