Balwyn North inventor's magic wand turns up the pressure

NORM Ladson hopes to clean up with his invention.

The retired Balwyn North plumber, 57, has spent three years perfecting the Power Blaster - a magic wand giving an ordinary hose pressure machine power but using about half the water.

"With this wand, there's a market for it," he said.

"People want to clean things like wheelie bins, or cars, or patios, but don't want to have to drag out the pressure machine.

"They can just attach this to their hose and off they go. A normal hose uses about 20 litres of water, but because it's such a small hole and pressure builds up in the hose, this uses about 12."

He said there had been "a lot of trial and error getting the design right ... and another two years going through the patent office, drawing up actual designs, then getting it marketed".

But the hard work has all been worth it.

Bunnings Warehouse now stocks the wand and Mr Ladson has been nominated for the prestigious Bendigo Inventors Award in September.

Original Source : Progress Leader | Story By Greg Gliddon | Photo By Janine Eastgate