V Power Blaster Wand


New long V spray for efficient cleaning

V-power blaster

  • New long V spray for efficient cleaning
  • Blasts away moss & mould away
  • Preparation for Painters
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Door mats and shade cloth
  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • Paths, driveways bricks &concrete
  • Cobwebs, grime off timber & bricks
  • Gutters downpipes
  • Pre - wash & rinse cars & trucks
  • Garden spray containers
  • Safety cleaning spills & wash-down
  • Tree root watering & garden watering

Award winning Australian Inventor Norm Ladson designed the V-spray to deliver maximum pressure from a garden hose for quicker and faster cleaning. Sprays just like a electric power water blaster.


  • Hose click-in water V-power blaster spray.
  • Soft holding grip .On /off switch.
  • 12 Litres only. Designed for Australia water flows.


  • Easy click-in water power blaster.
  • Long V water spray is a dream to use.
  • The closer you have the spray the more power.
  • Power at 30cm is good to wipe dirt of the car.
  • Use for safety clean up at home and at work.

Fineline 3110639 Available Bunnings $24.95

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