The design of having the dripper fitted all in One Makes it easy for the customers to Buy and use.

The added design of a stake to hold the pipe at end of the poly tube is even a better design.

It has great benefit to make it easy to install Irrigation.

Simply . Push in, Clip pipe & push stake into ground. And roll out your poly tube.

This is just so easy to help installing irrigation systems.

  • Use in the place of cap in Poly-tube.
  • Use at end of Drip Eze or Dripper tube.
  • Simply push in, clip pipe, and push into ground. And roll out your poly tube.
  • Adjust flow to drip or rain.
  • Use with T poly fittings, to run lines and use the stake dripper at each tree that requires watering.

Available at Bunnings Warehouse - $3.85

Product Images

Adjust flow to drip

Adjust flow to rain