Add-A-Tap 20mm


Inventor extraordinaire Norm Ladson has designed a new M & F brass Y pipe fitting. The ADD-A-TAP screws in where your tap is, then you screw two taps at 45deg and 135deg. to give you, two main connected water hose bib taps.

This enables a hose tap to be connected to one outlet and the sprinkler system to be installed permanently on the other outlet. With one tap it’s a major job just to get water from the tap if you have a sprinkler system or a timer connected to the hose tap.

With plastic Twin Taps on the hose tap end, jam and the on/off switches break and leak. With Add-a-tap you have two brass taps that will never leak or break.

At last, two hose taps connected to mains water pressure. Never waste time again having to change hose tap connections just to get some water.

Connecting a water timer to one, no problem. No more messy fittings. The amazing Add-a-tap takes care of the problem - and your wallet. An extra tap makes any watering system a simple and inexpensive process.

Add-a-tap is available at your local Bunnings Warehouse

For any queries call Norm on 0419 378 467

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